Sales and IT- Focusing on the I rather than the T

(TECHNOLOGY) Quite often in discussion with companies regarding sales optimization, we hear that:  « We have a good tool or system » Our experience has shown us that sales are not lost or missed due to the TOOL or SYSTEM that is being used. (INFORMATION) Most, if not all companies do have systems or applications which […]

Posted by : Denis Champagne

Sales data Drill down Strategy

Try to imagine this scenario: You have a manufacturer with: • 500 products; • 50 reps on his sales team • Distributes in more than 2000 locations at the large retailers. NOW, try and imagine the many kinds of reports that the reps, the Account Directors, the Managers, and the Vice President are subjected to […]

Posted by : Dominic Blouin

Do you consider yourself analytically mature?

Co-written by : Dominic Blouin and Denis Champagne   Some questions should never be asked or end up just simply being considered unfair or shall we say tendentious.. In my opinion… this is one of them State of affairs In 2010, « Category Management Association » held a conference in which a part of the […]

Posted by : Dominic Blouin

« Made to stick » to remove the barriers of adoption

In the beginning, before implementing a dashboard solution, you have to make sure the new ideas will “stick” together. On this matter, the excellent book from Chip and Dan Heath “Made to stick” is the perfect inspiration. Basically, the ideas must meet the S.U.C.C.E.S. principles. Let’s apply those principles to a sales dashboards project for […]

Posted by : Dominic Blouin

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